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Outdoor Winter Decor

Do you ever feel a little lost on what to do with your outdoor pots during the winter months??

Same here. Bare pots with just plain ole dirt just isn't appealing to me and since we're already dealing with the nasty weather winter can bring, I want to be able to spruce up the front and side porch, but without spending a bunch of money in the process. I had looked at mini pine trees, but they can get pricey every year. There's always the fake kind but once again...i didn't wanna spend the money.

So...low and behold, nature has provided beautiful decor again...for FREE

All ya need is some firewood, pine tree branches, sheets to cut them with, and pine cones.

There really is no right or wrong way to do this. Just simply stack and arrange the firewood in your pot on top of the dirt and then fill in spaces with the pine branches and pine cones and voila! Winter pots!

I also ended up dressing up a few other outdoor things I had with the pine branches and pine cones I had. It just really "warms" up the outdoor spaces we have by the doors.

Happy Decorating ❤

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