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DIY framed silhouettes

What's cuter than sweet silhouettes of the little people in your life??

When I saw this idea on multiple Instagram accounts, I set out to see if this was something I could do myself. I was super thrilled to find out how simple and cost effective it was and made one for each child of mine. The total cost to do all 3 was less than $20!

These little treasures make unique, timeless, and classy wall decor; or sweet meaningful gifts for someone!



1. Round frame (square works too if preferred). I bought mine on

2. Black construction paper

3. Profile headshot photo of your subject, printed on regular copy paper

4. Scissors

5. Scotch tape

Step 1

Take a profile photo of your subject

Tip: The photo does not need to be fancy. It's best to take the photo in front of a wall or place with the least distractions.

Step 2

Print photo. It's best to print the photo on regular copy paper because it will be easier to cut. Don't worry if the photo is printed in black and white and not color.

Step 3

Place printed photo paper over black construction paper and tape at top and bottom to hold in place

Step 4

Start cutting around the edges of your subjects head, face, and neck.

Step 5

Remove photo paper from top of construction and voila! You have a silhouette! Center silhouette in frame

Note: The photograph I used above was for the demonstration so it looks different than my original

Happy Creating 😊✌

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