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Layered Wall Art

Original"Problem": Dwarfed looking wall art above bed

Solution: Layer wall art for more depth

During my 3rd pregnancy, I decided to give our master bedroom a bit of an update. I had a vision in mind and did my best to bring it alive, however once complete, I was always bothered a bit by the decor above and around the bed. It worked for the time being but I knew that someday I would be tweaking it a bit.

I literally went back and forth with what to do with the wall behind the bed. I was trying to keep the work load simple because I already had a big chore cut out for me with staining our vaulted ceiling in this room. I tossed around the idea of bead board, shiplap, wainscoating, wallpaper, etc behind that bed! Ha! ...and maybe some day something of texture there may still happen but I went ahead and did hanging wall lamps and word art above the bed.

Let's just talk about cords real quick: They bug me!! lol. Seriously though, if they are in site like the cords were for the lights I hung on the wall, my eye will always go right to them. I'm always trying to find creative ways to hide outlets and cords because they tend to be an eye sore to me. I just knew when I was hanging those lights up that the cords would eventually really get to me.

So, since I didn't want to drill holes or hire an electrician to install wall fixtures. $$$$. I decided to go ahead and change them out for battery operated candle lanterns. Total cost: $20 and some change. No more cords!!

Next up: That Word Wall Art above the bed! I LOVE the sign and it really is the perfect little saying for that space, however, it just wasn't as big as I had hoped. I found the sign at hobby lobby so ordering a bigger size wasn't an option. Often times I will just try and do something similar myself but time wasn't on my side so I just settled for the smaller than I had hoped for sign and thought I would just give it more thought as time went on.

Then the idea of layering it came to me! I knew that it could give it more depth and dimension so I headed to the home improvement store to find a solution.

I didn't want anything too bulky or heavy so when I came across the wood lathes, I knew they would work perfectly!! They are basically just like shims! ha! Light and cheap! They come in either a bundle of 50 or you can buy them individually for $0.39 a piece! Easy peasy!!

I simply measured my width and height for my background, then cut the lathes down to size (only had to do end cuts, many home improvement stores will cut for you!)

Then I layed them out, staggered to keep it more interesting and not so boxy. Took 2 extra and glued the pieces to them to hold them in place. Once the glue was dry, i fastened them all in with small screws.

Once all fastened, I simply stained the piece with my homemade stain and sealed it with polycrylic. Then I fastened my word art to it and hung it on the wall. It turned out just as I had imagined! Dwarfed art, solved.

So, if you have a piece of art that just doesn't fit your wall space as desired, try layering it or even adding an extra frame around it :)

Happy creating friends!

<3 Christina

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