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DIY Farmhouse Table

I dreamed of having this farm table for a couple years before making that dream come true! A project I kept on the radar until finally, I just went for it. It was intimidating at first, especially since I never had experience building a piece of furniture like this.

I would shop for tables similar or even see some that I liked and man alive were they ever expensive! Well worth the cost, yes, but not in our budget at the time.

So, in my "I could make that myself"mindset, I found these plans from and on my merry little Do It Myself way I went.

Now, I will say that as far as equipment goes, we had what was most necessarily needed: A miter saw. If you don't already have one, you could rent one or purchase but realistically, if this were the only thing you were using it for, I don't know that the cost plus time and effort would be worth it rather than just buying a table like this.

If you do have or rent the saw and decide to do it yourself, you'll definitely have a beautiful SOLID table, built to last and satisfying feeling of accomplishment and money saved.

We have enjoyed many gatherings at this table and I sure LOVE decorating it each season of the year.

Download the plans here

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