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DIY Classic Tapered Candle Holders

These tapered candle holders are sturdy, timeless, and easy to make yourself.

Shopping List:

Black Satin Rustoleum Spray Paint

1/2" Floor Flange Piping x5

1/2" Coupling x5

1/2" x 5.5" Nipple Pipe

1/2" x 6" Nipple Pipe

1/2" x 8" Nipple Pipe

1/2" x 10" Nipple Pipe

1/2" x 12" Nipple Pipe

Dish Soap and Goo Gone to remove stickers on pipes if necessary

Step 1: Remove all stickers and wash and soak piping to remove any dirt or grease. Lay piping out to fully dry.

Step 2: Assemble and Spray Paint

Tips: Use a potato peeler to taper bottom of candles to fit snug into pipe holders.

Decorate with garland, ribbon, or faux floral of your choice.

Happy Creating ❤✌

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